Not the real mother of dragons but close enough

*Name is Kaalli *Aussie *Cosplayer *Graphic Design noob

* Likes: -creatures -baking -being outside
*Harry Potter/ Supernatural/ Shingeki no Kyojin/ Legend of Zelda/ Dangan Ronpa/ Tales of Stuff/ more

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Julia Dunstall by Michelangelo di Battista for Vogue Italia November 2006.




If I’ve learned anything from video games, it is that when you meet enemies, it means that you’re going in the right direction.

that’s really inspiring

holy fucking shit

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  • ♂ = i am a boy who has a crush on you
  • ♀ = i am a girl who has a crush on you
  • ✂ = just delete your tumblr already
  • ✌ = you’re awesome
  • ♡ = i love your blog
  • ❁ = you’re beautiful
  • ✓ = i hate you
  • ☹ = you’re ugly
  • ☀ = i want to have sex with you
  • ♬ = i wish we were close
  • ♧ = i wish we were friends in real life
  • ☆ = i relate to a lot of the same things you go through
  • ☮ = you inspire me
  • just because i'm curious and bored.


girls don’t want boyfriends girls want a seven book series about the marauders’ life at hogwarts

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"Fuck, my tea."

me approximately an hour after every time I make tea (via madopiano)

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